Lunar – a unique and innovative wall covering system by Levolux

Lunar – a unique and innovative internal decorative wall covering system – architects SHCA.

Lunar by Levolux is a fabric wall system with a high copper content. The fabric has memory when ‘scrunched up’ & released, retaining a new shape. Due to the copper component , the fabric creates a textured two tone appearance when illuminated. The finished product has the appearance of cleft granite, but is soft to the touch & provides excellent acoustic absorption.


Product Info – Teris – Soundtect

Product Info – Teris – Soundtect.

Teris is a range within the “Soundtech ” acoustic panels which combine sound acoustics. insulation and architectual elements within its design. The product comes in white but has a paintable surface to allow the user to choose as desired. It can also as well as other ranges in Soundtech  be applied as a ceiling system to which it is attached via a frame system

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Litecrete is a precast concrete system that has various applications as an external/internal single wall or floor system or seperate internal /external systems ,depending on the application required. There are abundance of advantages ranging from sound insulation properties, quick installation, excellent fire resistance while being half the weight of tradional concrete panels.

Depending on tastes there is no need for further wall linings either internally or externally to which allows for good economics within construction. Although such system of construction has been around since early last century , its uses have generally been applied for commercial use. Other than the need for variety i cannot see why it is not a popular choice within in residential applications more so considering the direction that we are trying to perceive as being “Green” as it allows for less material use an energy within production and application.



Not that the material itself is anything new . Neither  the method of manufacturing (laser cutting and brake form sheeting), but the principle by us being designers is that we apply our own method of design rather than rely on the manufacturers industry standards. Good to see an element of design artistry within the process to which there has become an homonginised way to which many projects have become. The materials are purely our canvas !

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The riotously sculptural $100-million Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas, the story is about the depths — and ultimately the limits — of the human mind.

While the signature steel forms of the Lou Ruvo Center may at first suggest the building is just another Gehry project, think again. What distinguishes this Gehry design from the rest is that it is the only one for hire, not to mention that the building has received critical praise from the Los Angeles Times architecture critic, Christopher Hawthorne, as having the most impressive Gehry-designed interior space since the architect’s Disney Concert Hall in 2003.

via Architecture « CubeMe.

Architecture « CubeMe

Architecture « CubeMe.

At the new location of Manhattan coffee shop D’Espresso, a prevalence of books also nods to its unique location. Inspired by the nearby New York Public Library at Bryant Park, design firm nemaworkshop envisioned a book-lined oasis, then turned the whole thing on its side, so that the bookshelves become the floor and ceilings. The herringbone-patterned oak “flooring” becomes a wall, and the lights on the “ceiling” protrude horizontally out from the wall behind the counter. The “books” are actually tiles printed with sepia-toned photos of bookshelves at a local travel bookstore that ring the room, including the floor, walls and ceiling.




SONEX Contour Ceiling and Wall Tiles

SONEX Contour Ceiling and Wall Tiles.

Our drop-in tiles are made with a stiff backing to drop into conventional 24″ by 24″ ceiling grids.

SONEX Contour wall and ceiling tiles

Can’t have a ceiling grid? No problem. Use our glue-on tiles to create perfect sound with a dramatic design statement. They are identical to our drop-in tiles, except they come without a stiff backer. Simply apply adhesive to the back of the tiles and press in place.

All of our tiles are made from our fireproof melamine foam with our HPC (high performance coating), a combination that produces some of the finest acoustics in the industry,

Choose one of our four most popular patterns shown below, or download a brochure for more patterns. You can even mix pattern tiles and plain tiles for more dramatic effects

Materia: Material Explorer

Fossil Faux Studios provides functional and thematic creations for contemporary living by using a myriad of items-recycled computer components, fibers, botanicals, photographic film, x-rays-to name just a few-within beautifully transparent resin to create powerful visual and conceptual statements that, like fossils captured in amber, are frozen in time.Fossil Faux Studios, established by artist/designer Marcia Stuermer is an innovative design and production studio based in San Francisco that creates custom conceptual furniture, accessories, architectural detailing, and interactive art installations with translucent resin in combination with unexpected materials.