Color Changing Translucent Panel

Depending on the angle from which you are looking at it, this sheet material glows in different colors; from one angle it’s a shimmering, pearlescent green, from another angle a warm metallic red. The radiant films that have been available for several years have been very thin and therefore crumpled easily; sandwiching film into this rigid sheet product makes it much more adaptable and therefore versatile.

Apart from making this desirable dichroic effect workable, the plastic is recyclable and reusable. And these panels aren’t just decorative; they have 40 times the impact strength of glass. Furthermore, because the dichroic material is sandwiched between two panels of plastic, additional effects to change the look of the film can be employed. For example, translucency can be created, which gives the ghostly effect of a third color when light shines through the panel. Panels can be cold-bent and heat-formed for simple bends and curved areas and can be thermoformed to take on more complex 3D forms and shapes.

Primarily used in decorative applications such as room dividers and wall paneling, these panels can also be used as dry-erase boards that contribute to the room’s decor. In addition, its ability to be thermoformed means that this material could be used to create a series of designer kitchen appliances. The toaster, blender, and coffee maker could all appear a slightly different color depending on their placement in your kitchen.

via Color Changing Translucent Panel.


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