Rubber Glass

What if you could smash your hand through glass without sustaining any injuries? With products like this Rubber Glass, you can create special effects that simulate glass without the inherent dangers. Unlike other transparent plastics, this one breaks with the same spiderweb, shattering pattern as glass.

This is a polyurethane that enables you to create glass and ice-like objects without the hassles of conventional breakaway plastic products. Unlike other plastics, this product cures at room temperature; once cured, it is odorless and easy to handle. You mix it up and shape it into whatever you need.

Rubber Glass is a non-toxic silicone that simulates broken glass or ice. Once you combine the two bottles, you let it cure to form a soft, clear rubber, and then crumble it. The film Die Another Day used over 1.5 tons of it, and several other films rely on it to create broken glass and ice chips.

Both products accept opaque or translucent tints. You can formulate them to become harder or less brittle. Some possible applications:

• Encapsulated circuits

• Protect an item for handle or shipping, easy to remove later

• Use for building product prototypes

• A lens that focuses by deforming shape

Technical data

Mix Ratio:

3A : 1B by volume

Mixed Viscosity:

cps: 1200 (ASTM D-2393)

Specific Volume:

cu. in./lb.: 28.6

Pot Life:

120 minutes (73°F/23°C) (ASTM D-2471)

Cure Time:

16 hrs (73°F/23°C)

Color :


Dielectric Strength:

volts/mil: 319


via Rubber Glass.


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