PVC Stretch Ceiling Film



Stretch Ceiling Film is widely used for interior decoration . Especialy the interior Ceiling and walls. 
Thickness: 0.18mm 
Width is from 1.53m to 4.0m 
Length: 150 M or 100 M, can be customized 
Light Weight:200-300g/M2 
Colors : Lacquer; Matt; Satin ; Translucent ; Metallic; Brushed Suede ; Perforated, Printing Film and etc.




Tension: Withstand tension of 185kg per square meter 

Washable & Recyclable & Removable 

Excellent acoustic Properties 
Vapor Proof 

For Translucent Finishes: Approx 75% light Transparency 

For Lacquer Film, Matt Film, Satin Film, Metallic Film and Translucent Film.





Can be widely used for Hotels, Bath Room, Restaurant , Exhition Hall, Stadium, Stors, Coffee Bar, Clubs, Offices and so on.



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