DM assessment

DM Research (design potential and marketability)

Parameters : physical consumer products that would retail for less than $200 and do not require integrated software.

1 – Does the submission solve a problem? How “important” a problem does it solve? How many people are affected by this problem?
2 – Does the submission propose a strong solution? Or is it just “feature creep” (combining more and more features to give the impression of improved problem solving)? Usually there is a tipping point where the increased feature set inhibits the product’s ability to solve the original problem.
3 – Is it unique to the market? Does it have “wow factor”?
4 -Could the finished product potentially win design awards?
5 – Will the finished product be innovative? Does it explore the “adjacent possible”? In other words, does it push the culture of objects forward by combining/transferring wide-reaching ideas, thought, materials, etc. to reach new and interesting outcomes? To read about “adjacent possible” and other innovation-related themes, get a copy of Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From, it’s frickin’ fantastic.
6 – Could the finished product potentially win design awards?
Other comments……………………

1 – Is it easy to demonstrate and explain?
2 – What is the immediate impact of the idea on customers (“wow factor”)?
3 – Is it a must-have? Would you see it and want to buy it then and there?
4 – Is the solution still relevant?
5 – Would you tell your friends about it?
5 – If it’s a very targeted product, does a scalable business opportunity exist?
6 – Is it unique?
Competitive Edge
1 – What is the competitive landscape?
2 – How unique are the features to the marketplace?
3 – Is the Viability team price point competitive?
Fit with Product Mix
1 – Does it complement existing products?
2 – Does it directly compete with existing products?
Shelf Talk
1 – How many SKUs? How many colors?
2 – Can it be easily described on the packaging?
3 – Where would it sit on a retail floor/shelf?
4 – Will it grab your attention or will it just get lost?
5 – Would it be promotion worthy?


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