Textile « Spot On: FURNITURE

Textile « Spot On: FURNITURE.

Lovisa Hansson, 31, Sweden

School: Danmarks Designskole

Department: Furniture

Specials: Furniture design.

Design background

Very broad, started as an artist painting a lot, then took a degree in preserving paintings. Trying now to mix different experiences in my furniture designs.

Important lessons learned during your education

To question different standards and myself and that good ideas need even better communication through design and media to become real consumer products.

Did you do anything prior to your education to strengthen your skills and to get into your school?

I have artistic background but needed to develop communicating them through different tools as sketching and presentation.

Project title

Silent Cloud

Length of project

10 weeks


Silent Cloud is a sound-absorbing cabinet designed to reduce the acoustic problems caused by today’s minimalist interiors.

The doors are made of molded felt, a material with very good sound-absorbing properties. The shape of the cabinet is developed in collaboration with an acoustic expert.


Cabinet 2192 designed in 1954 by Josef Frank for the interior design shop Svenskt Tenn.


Form pressed felt, solid ash wood, white lacquered MDF

Keywords for the visual design

Classic with a modern twist

How is your work process when you design?

I usually start a project by exploring different ideas on the market and in my surrounding. When I have several different ideas I try to evaluate them through sketching with combination of model making or 3D visualizing. After going through this process the strongest fragments usually survive and together build up the final result, a product concept or a family of products.

Which part of the process is the hardest for you to work through?

The final one when you must exclude a lot or have to compare ideas those sometimes seem to be equal in each sense.

In your experience, are there specific skills that would be helpful to master?

Cooperation with other disciplines or designers. Good communication through different designer tools.

What are your strengths?

I have a quick process in visualizing ideas through models. I also like the challenge to solve upcoming problems.

What are your weaknesses?

In some projects I prioritize finalizing concrete and practical solutions before emotional or conceptual ideas that are generally harder to communicate through products or furniture.

Do you turn to specific areas for inspiration in general?

Architecture, auctions with historical things from different time periods, design blogs, art.

Any designers you find inspirational?

Many, for example contemporary designers like Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Naoto Fukasawa, Patricia Urquiola.

Other students you find inspirational?

I often find the work of students from other design disciplines working with other materials like ceramics, glass, graphic design or fashion inspirational.

Is your work process based on a special approach towards design?

To design individual furniture with strong identity and improved emotional or functional solutions than existing.

Do you have a dream scenario for you and your design in the future?

To design products that achieve the ambition in my approach towards design.

Has it always been a dream to work with design?

Not a dream, but always an exciting and challenging wish.

Why did you choose this specific specialization?

When thinking design furniture design has always been on top of my mind.

Do you have any other projects you would like to highlight?

Yes, the one called “Felt Mountain” and soon a site http://www.studioblackbird.se that I share together with an industrial designer.

Were can we find more information about you?

At the site mentioned above.

Contact info


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Caroline Grebasch

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Caroline Grebasch, 24, Germany

Exchange at DenmarksDesignSchool – Applied Arts School Schneeberg, Germany

Department: Textile Design

Specials: Printing, Knitting, Graphics

Design background

– 2 years vocational Training with certification as “Assistant for Design” Specialization Graphics

– 1 year internship at Moeve Textiles, Germany

– 1 year internship at Rug Star by J.Dahlmanns, Germany

– exchange semester at the Danish Design School Copenhagen, Denmark

– in February I will start my final semester at the Applied Arts School Schneeberg, Germ


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