Medusae Pendant Lamps by Towry Russell

These are very wispy, tender and beautiful lamps in unusual undersea forms. It is the perfect lamp for those who loves the ocean and its splendor. These Medusae inspired forms are sure to make your interior come alive in various moods of the ocean. The design was created by Roxy Towry Russell from Pasadena.

Seven creative pendant lamps to enhance your home decor.

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Light Cube sucks juice from Sun to glow up your interiors

“Light Cube” by Korean designer Joo Wan-Jin is a mood lamp that recharges itself during the day to glow up your interiors nighttime. The reason why it recharges just daytime is that it’s solar powered. Designed with the aim to hint people toward contributing the environmental problem, the Light Cube charges the portable electronic devices like hand phone, MP3 all using the solar energy efficiently.

Light Cube sucks juice from Sun to glow up your interiors.

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LED bud lighting

The LED bud lighting by Will Earl is an energy efficient table lamp that just asks you to twist it to open it like a flower and glow your interiors. When opened up, the 32 LEDs spread across four adjustable pedals illuminate the room. The bud features dimmers; one for cold light and one for warm, and this flower-like lighting has a 15-volt D.C. socket under the bottom base. When closed it looks like a flower bud, which when opens glows up like a blooming flower!

LED bud lighting opens up to glow your interiors.

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Take Out Light

The lamp is eco friendly in nature, hence will be a perfect piece for those who are always on a hunt for products that come with the clean and green tag. Take Out Light will endow a user with the flexibility to display it in a variety of ways in a room. Hang it from the ceiling or wedge it on any of the walls of a house and see it spread the same magic. There is also an option to place it in an opened or closed manner as per a user’s whims and fancies.

Take Out Light: An eco friendly lamp to brighten up dwellings.

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Geometric Puzzle Wall Design

These wall panels are design look like a giant jigsaw puzzle pieces can affixed to the wall as wall decor. Certainly, this giant puzzle pieces should colored first with varying order to create an interior scheme of the kids’ room. Geometric puzzle is designed to give the impression of cheerful and comfortable for both kids and parents. This is an example room that uses a geometric puzzle wall with complete room facilities contains the bedroom, media center, high play areas, work or study corner, and of course another large enough space to play. The details of geometric puzzle on the wall looks like a real puzzle that is often played by children so it will pleasure when they see this puzzle in their room.

Geometric Puzzle Wall Design for Kids Room Interior | Cimots.

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