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Softwall LED


Softwall + Softblock is a modular, space-shaping system of expandable/compressible honeycomb seating, partitions, and lighting conceived from the desire for flexible, spontaneous spacemaking. Opening a Softwall + Softblock element is a captivating tactile experience, as the honeycomb unfolds to create a completely freestanding structure that is hundreds of times larger than its compressed form. Softwall + Softblock forms can be resized and rearranged into almost any shape.

Softwall LED, a luminous version of Softwall + Softblock, is an integrated lighting system as flexible as its counterpart, with LED ribbons of light adjusting to changes in the wall’s length and movement. Softwall LED has a soft, even glow that emphasizes the visual delicacy of the translucent textile fibers and visually enhances the expansion, contraction, and fluid movement of these completely flexible, freestanding partitions. Softwall + Softblock elements of various heights, materials, and colors all connect to one another simply and seamlessly with concealed magnets to create continuous lengths.

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