Cool Out-Of-The-Box Lamp

Here is an out-of-the-box lighting design from Yeongwoo Kim. “Pouring Light” is an original lamp idea that manages to intrigue and fascinate its viewers, because at first this product simply looks impossible. After all, no one likes to spill hot tea on the floor and when that happens, no one would ever consider grabbing the liquid and move it around to illuminate things. This is the case with the Pouring Light Lamp, a design inspired by a spilling cup of tea (it even has the tea bag inside for an extra lifelike effect). Even though it seems strange, this product can be moved around by grabbing the pouring liquid, it is sustained by spilled tea and it lights up with the help of a tea bag. Moreover, it has an impeccable design and can be easily integrated in almost any type of modern interior. Pretty cool, wouldn’t you say?- via Hometone


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