Field of 2000 Wispy Dandelions

Anyone who has ever picked up a dandelion knows how hard it is to keep the fluffy pieces from flying away, which is what makes Regine Raseier’s breathtaking art exhibit so impressive. The artist gently plucked 2,000 dandelions from a nearby meadow and then sprayed a small amount of adhesive on each one to keep them intact. The dandelions were then carefully loaded en masse onto a special crate and transported to a small white room in the ArToll gallery in Germany.
It’s hard to believe, but Raseier picked 2,000 dandelions for this ethereal art exhibit, which was shown at the ArToll Summer Lab 2011. Once they were transported to the lab, each one was individually plugged into a white board, which was subsequently hung at the top of the ceiling. The artist has transformed something that is completely transient in nature into a semi-permanent work of art. In so doing, she has created a sort of timeless indoor meadow full of these wispy plants that seem to descend straight from the heavens.


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