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Decorative Wall Panels by 3D Surface

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Bolla, the unusual lighting system developed by IncontroArdito. The LED light coming from within a special synthetically made slab can be controlled remotely for different chromatic atmospheres. Essentially, Bolla is a mood lighting and wall covering solution in one.

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SONITE Infinite Innovation S

The bold chip mottle of the Dara Scapa solid surface gives

this material a strong sense of presence. This solid surface

material illustrates the use of recycled materials to create a

product that is design oriented while at the same time being

eco-friendly. The Dara Scapa is versatile in its use with front

lighting, black lighting or for strongest impact, with both

front and back lighting simultaneously.

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Philips to launch Ambilight successor Aurea — Engadget

Consumer electronics manufacturer Philips will demo their successor to Ambilight — the ambient lighting technology that generates light effects on the sides of a television — at European expo IFA on August 30. The new technology, named Aurea, will be featured using a film by director Wong Kar called Seduction by Light. From early photos, the new sets incorporate the lighting directly into the frame, instead of using the previous method of a glass frame around the set.

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