Bonded Metal

ImageBonded Metal is a high-performance surfacing material that offers a wealth of design possibilities.

  • Bonded Metal incorporates metal granules in a tough, FRP matrix
  • Lightweight, extremely durable castings have the character and appearance of solid metal
  • Selections are defined by three basic parameters: color + patina + pattern
  • Colors are established by the metal incorporated into the matrix
  • Natural and Dark Patinas provide rich surface contrast
  • Patterns range from subtle textures to bold designs
  • May be specified as sheet goods or in many F+S products

Field-proven for more than 40 years; exclusive to Forms+Surfaces

CabForms 2000-N Elevator Interior with upper inset panels in Bonded Aluminum with Natural Patina and Chardonnay pattern; lower inset panels in Bonded Aluminum with Dark Patina and Charleston pattern; stiles and rails in Stainless Steel, Sandstone finish


Elitis – Vases

ImageRRosaria Rattin left architecture school to study fashion in Paris but eventually returned to spatial design through Kose, her brand of handcrafted ceramic accessories. Now she’s thrown some ideas against the wall to see if they stick, and they certainly do. It took two years to perfect a new technique to produce her Vases wall covering for Elitis: Jersey fabric with nonwoven backing is laid over foam then thermo-formed in a mold to create the relief texture. The resulting 49-inchwide roll comes in 3 ¹/³-foot lengths, up to 65 ½ feet long.

Futuristic Wall Covering Ideas


Altera has designed futuristic wall cover for modern home interior design. The simple design was inspired from the bubble shape and the simple design was perfectly combine with the fashionable color pattern. Complete with the separate system of lighting, we can freely use this decoration to be light or not. We can switch on the lamp we the dark was come and switch off when the light was embrace the room. Available in various colors, match with the character design of your home. you can take advantage of these wall coverings as a fluorescent lamp that lit the room of your home, and in the end we do not need a lot more hanging lamp to illuminate the room.

Corian Super-Surfaces

Corian® is a solid surface material with excellent long-term performance, used both in the home and in many different commercial environments, from hotels to healthcare, retail to marine. It can be carved, routed or worked like wood, moulded, thermoformed or inlayed, and lends itself to imaginative uses, innovative designs and enduring applications. It is a sheet material, and for this project AL_A wanted to be true to its inherent qualities – moving away from more typical Corian installations where the material is expressed as a monolithic solid. We have articulated Corian® as a collection of dynamic surfaces. More than just an expression of the material, the surface transformations push the technical possibilities of DuPont™ Corian® by exploiting its pliability and using the twisted geometry of the sheets to bring structural integrity.

Attractive Pendant Lighting Fixtures for Your Graceful Interior Design

Attractive pendant lighting fixtures, unique lighting fixtures for your graceful interior design. This contemporary Attractive pendant lighting fixtures, the light of the unique lines on the wall around and creates an intimate atmosphere to spread. Unique ceiling light is an elegant type ofattractive pendant lighting fixtures, these lights enough to attract many people to steal, can also be used to decorate their homes to look beautiful. This unique Ceiling attractive pendant lighting fixtures is part of a series Flame MGX and designed by Bathsheba Grossman for Materialise. If you want to get effect of stunning chandeliers, you should consider the Attractivependant lighting fixtures made by Grossman.

GE Energy Smart Bulb | Future of LED Lighting

General Electric recently introduced the 9-watt Energy Smart LED bulb, which is a replacement for the ordinary 40-watt bulbs. The new LED bulb will last for up to 17 years (4 hours per day), which is 25 times longer than a general service 40-watt incandescent or halogen bulb and more than 3 times longer than a standard 8,000-hour rated life CFL. The LED bulb is also environmentally friendly since it doesn’t hold any mercury. General Electric will release the Energy Smart LED bulb later this year or early 2011 for between $40 to $50 each.

Japan’s First LUXEON-Based LED Retrofit Light Bulb Delivered by Quantum Lighting & Future Lighting Solutions

The bulbs were designed and are by Quantum for Asahi Electric Corporation, the owner of the Elpa brand. Future Lighting Solutions provided engineering assistance, including input on LED board layout and thermal management, as well as consultation on board assembly on the production line. Future also provides inventory management services to ensure that Quantum receives LEDs from selected color, flux and forward voltage bins for consistent appearance and performance.


Each 4W or 5.5W retrofit bulb contains three or five LUXEON Rebel LEDs, lasts up to 40,000 hours, and consumes 1/10 the energy of its incandescent counterpart.