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Bolla, the unusual lighting system developed by IncontroArdito. The LED light coming from within a special synthetically made slab can be controlled remotely for different chromatic atmospheres. Essentially, Bolla is a mood lighting and wall covering solution in one.

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Thermoplastic blow molding of metalic glass (BMG”s)

Scientists at Yale university have created a material that has the flexibility of manufacturing of thermoplastics and the strength and durability of metals. The material being referred to as Metalic glass (BMG’s) can be formed using thermoplastic blow molding technique’s at the same economical manufacturing rate of plastics. This process will lend itself to the production of new product lines that were previously not possible. This has been possible due to the materials random arranged atoms and low critical cooling rate.

SONITE Infinite Innovation S

The bold chip mottle of the Dara Scapa solid surface gives

this material a strong sense of presence. This solid surface

material illustrates the use of recycled materials to create a

product that is design oriented while at the same time being

eco-friendly. The Dara Scapa is versatile in its use with front

lighting, black lighting or for strongest impact, with both

front and back lighting simultaneously.

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