Wood Facade Innovation

 Performative Wood: Integral Computational Design for a Climate-Responsive Timber Surface Structure

 Dickinson DAB810-2011: August 2011.


Capital Hill Residence

Project Coordinator: Nadya Pobedina

Local Architect: Orsel Mimarlik Ltd

Interior Design: Zaha Hadid Architects / Candy & Candy

Engineering: ANT YAPI

General Contractor: ANT YAPI


via AECCafe.com – ArchShowcase – Capital Hill Residence in Moscow, Russia by Zaha Hadid Architects.

Pushkinsky Cinema in Moscow

A film, which is a series of still images or frames moving, or also we can say, this is a “fluidity of frames”. This project is an entry for the Pushkinsky competition located in Moscow. Designed by Gabriel Aranda and Alejandro Ramos. The idea consists in a new skin or façade thought as a sunscreen façade, that works as a barrier between the weather, and the original building. The façade is divided in tree layers: the original one, a curved glazed and a sunscreen façade.

via AECCafe.com – ArchShowcase.