Elitis – Vases

ImageRRosaria Rattin left architecture school to study fashion in Paris but eventually returned to spatial design through Kose, her brand of handcrafted ceramic accessories. Now she’s thrown some ideas against the wall to see if they stick, and they certainly do. It took two years to perfect a new technique to produce her Vases wall covering for Elitis: Jersey fabric with nonwoven backing is laid over foam then thermo-formed in a mold to create the relief texture. The resulting 49-inchwide roll comes in 3 ¹/³-foot lengths, up to 65 ½ feet long.


Pot lights from Rotoluxe

These pot lights from Rotoluxe come in all shapes and sizes, from small and thin minimalist replicas of High Modern designer pots to thick-walled bench planters and conventional cone-shaped cup-and-saucer designs … but they all have one thing in common: they are translucent inside and out, glowing with artificial light.

The structures are sufficiently self-contained and water-proof to be safe for setting on a screen porch, outdoor patio or right out in the garden rain. Some come with colored exteriors that change the light as it passes through, while others have decorative patterns that play off complimentary opaque and transparent sections.


Light Brix



These so-called Light Brix are flexible accessories that can illuminate rooms and spaces or serve as simple accent lighting in halls or on walls in entryways. Kids bedroom design, for example, can become interactive play activity, lights programmed with custom patterns by the children themselves.

Of course, these can always work as artistic garden or other outdoor lighting. Modern as they are, these pictures demonstrate that the fixtures can work well in simple contemporary contexts as well as elegant antique spaces. These modular lighting units are, in short, as much flexible and programmable three-dimension super-sized screen as they are practical accessory light bulbs for interior spaces.

Wooden Textiles




Elisa Strozyk‘s Wooden Textiles are a manifestation of how waste can be the source of a new process of creativity and innovation. German based designer Elisa Strozyk started experimenting with off-cuts of wood veneer from a workshop that was closing.  Most often we use textiles to skin surfaces.  Strozyk’s work considers these while adding a new dimension and surprise. The wooden textile intends to look at the new ways wood can be manipulated from its hard physical property to a fluid form when combined with fabric.  Providing flexibility to wood allows us to connect with it in new ways.  Utilizing wood veneers once considered waste and re-purposing them through hand and laser cut isosceles, she is able to leverage the hard properties of wood and give them a fluid framework to create an innovative textile.  Her process gives the textile strength and flexibility.





Felt + Fabric = Wall Art





Anne Kyyro Quinn studio creates pieces of art using natural fabrics with bold colours, rich textures,and striking motifs.  They have pioneered a new form of interior textiles based on three-dimensional structure rather than smooth surface ornamentation. Their products are based on a portfolio of eighteen core designs inspired by organic shapes and expressed with Scandinavian simplicity. Whether crafted into cushions, throws, table runners, wall panels or blinds, each design has a tactile feel that appeals to the eye as well as to the hand. As we merge twenty-first century design with textures inspired by the natural world, our products bridge the gulf between the urban interior and the natural landscape, and bring an elegant, unassuming beauty into everyday life.

Clothes Wall System

The Designed and developed a multi-component wall and freestanding product fixture system for Volcom US. Much of the inspiration came from our collaboration with Volcom, taking cues from vintage classroom desks, furniture and wall units. We pre-weathered the cold-rolled steel structure and specified highly-textured fiberglass panels as a backdrop for product presentations. Exposed florescent lighting added an unfinished resolve that spoke to the sensibilities of Volcom.