Matter design

-’As part of the research for the Princeton Envelope Group, this envelope was developed in pursuit of an envelope as atmosphere. As opposed to con sid er ing the enve lope as a her metic seal, this facade breaths, conditions, and cleans. This specific prototype is for the American Apparel factory build ing in Los Angeles. Because of the client has an abundance of material and knowledge in fabric, this facade was designed to be fabricated in house, and cast in place with concrete. The thermal mass of this concrete (in conjunction with the designed geometry) cools the air during the warm days in LA.’

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Bubblegum Alley

On a 70-foot wide, 15-foot high alley in the downtown region of San Luis Obispo, California, chewed gum becomes art. This phenomenon might have started after WWII at a San Luis Obispo High School graduation event, a rivalry between San Luis Obispo High School and Cal Poly students during the late 1950s or as a way for college students to outdo the high school students of Cal Poly by becoming more creative. Whatever the story might be, this wall sends the mind into a whirl pool of imagination as onlookers have seen shapes, words, designs, faces, flowers, “I love SLO” and more. An ample amount of objects like pennies and dimes have been stuck onto it to create eyes for a face. Gum wrappers were also placed on the alley to form colorful designs which add to the superb creativity of participants.

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Not Just Another Pretty Wall

Dent Cube is a 3D porcelain stoneware cladding that can be used to create interior and exterior walls with a unique indented pattern that offers endless possibilities for customization. Pictured here is a version with glass inserts that bring shades of yellow, pink, red, blue and green together in a eye-catching patchwork of color. What’s more is that the innovative ceramic tile can absorb toxic particles, improving the quality of air.

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Geometric Puzzle Wall Design

These wall panels are design look like a giant jigsaw puzzle pieces can affixed to the wall as wall decor. Certainly, this giant puzzle pieces should colored first with varying order to create an interior scheme of the kids’ room. Geometric puzzle is designed to give the impression of cheerful and comfortable for both kids and parents. This is an example room that uses a geometric puzzle wall with complete room facilities contains the bedroom, media center, high play areas, work or study corner, and of course another large enough space to play. The details of geometric puzzle on the wall looks like a real puzzle that is often played by children so it will pleasure when they see this puzzle in their room.

Geometric Puzzle Wall Design for Kids Room Interior | Cimots.

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Moov Acoustic of Wovin Wall

Moov Acoustic is an elegant wall panelling tile designed specifically to absorb sound from its surrounds. Suited to retail, hospitality, office and residential applications, its noise deadening abilities create a more comfortable environment.

The smooth hyperbolic curves of Moov Acoustic almost make it look as though it were flowing along the wall. Installed on a large scale the 3-dimensional form of Moov Acoustic turns flat walls into sensuous curved felt covered spaces.


Alog is a modular shelving system made from MDF and ash, which features a wall-mounted modular block and easily detachable shelves that require no fittings. The nature of the design allows for various combinations and compositions of shelves, allowing the user to create his/her own customized system. Developed by Johannes Herbertsson & Karl Henrik Rennstam, the design has strong roots in the language of graphic design and functions as both shelving and a visual wall display. Alog is 648 x 648 x 200 mm in size, and the shelving provides a playful solution to storage requirements with simplicity of use built in.

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Fiber Wall

Fiber Wall was designed to combine properties such as high structural stiffness, light transmittance, and the appearance of natural fiber. In its final form, Fiber Wall functions as a self-bearing, translucent space divider. The variation in shapes is kept to a minimum because the hot-pressing manufacturing process requires a different aluminum mold for every unique shape. The composite panels are made from sisal fiber, linen textile, and soy-protein resin and have a combinatorial logic that allows for growth in multiple directions. Circular cutouts create multiple possibilities in transparency and light filtering.

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QuaDror is described as a new structural joint offering myriad design applications at a variety of scales. Recalling the strategy of the diagrid, QuaDror uses diagonal framing members to carry gravity loads while providing good resistance to lateral loads. QuaDror’s multi-scalar application is an advantage, allowing the joint to be applied in small models, buildings, and bridges alike. Given its rapid assembly and lightweight, it may also be utilized in disaster recovery housing. Perhaps the system’s greatest contribution is the convincing demonstration that form and performance are mutually beneficial.

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Paper Softwall

The Paper Softwall is a lightweight freestanding wall that can be arranged into almost any shape or easily compressed into a compact sheaf and stored away. Softwall dampens sound and can both absorb and transmit light. The product is made from four hundred layers of honeycombed translucent white, fire-retardant paper, bounded by natural wool felt ends. The thick felt ends fold to create handles when the wall is open, and form a casing when the wall is compressed. The Paper Softwall is modular, as the felt ends haveVelcro fasteners, which can link walls together. Although paper is delicate, the Paper Softwall’s honeycomb design makes it surprisingly resilient to normal handling.

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